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Only our portable performance force plate models enable both bilateral and unilateral testing all on the one plate!

From Ian Crossing (Managing Director),

You can't manage what you can't measure. Fitness Technology is committed to providing innovative performance measurement technology based on scientific research to provide state-of-the-art hardware and software for the objective measurement of athletic training, rehabilitation and fitness:

• From the 400S+ Performance Force plate combined with the portable MTP rig or the MTP rig setup in the FT700 Power Cage for safe and accurate strength and rate of force development testing.

The Curve 3 Treadmill for advanced Gait Anlysis

To the functionality of the Kinematic Measurement System

Functional capacity evaluation based on objective measurement is made easier with simple reporting functionality built into all of the Innervations Software from the Ballistic Measurement System Software, Kinematic Measurement System Software, Pacer Performance System Software and the InnerBalance Balance and stability software.

For more comprehensive information the 'Documents' Section on our Website contain links to relevant scientific research publications

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