Performance Measurement, Training and Rehabilitation Equipment

Olympic Platforms - Instructional Videos

Hardware Installation/Setup

Olympic Training Platform Assembly

Olympic Performance Platform Installation Instructions (.pdf)

Software Installation/Setup

Installing the Ballistic Measurement System Software - Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Ballistic Measurement System Software - Creating a Squad File

Setting up the BMS Software for use with the 400S Force Plate (XPV7 Interface)

Calibration Procedures

How to calibrate Force for the 400S Force plate.

How to Calibrate the PT5A position transducer when the unit is on the ground.

How to test the calibration of the 400s Force Plate for accuracy.

How to test the PT5A calibration accuracy when used on the ground with the 400s Force Plate.

Data Collection

Isometric Pull using the 400S Force Plate, Iso/Pull rig and the Fitness Technology Olympic Performance Platform

Data Analysis

Analysing an Isometric Pull using the BMS software

Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Using the Test XPV7 Diagnostic Software with the 400S Force Plate

How to Repair the PT5A Position Transducer

What to do if one of your channels is showing a high reading in the XPV7 Diagnostic test software.