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400S+ Performance Force Plate - Overview

Only our portable performance force plate models enable both bilateral and/or unilateral testing - all on the one plate!

Fitness Technologys' new 400S+ Performance Force Plate with the latest BMSv2 software provides a unique new light weight design that maintains the required structural strength.

400S+ Force Plate

The 400S+ model footprint size is no accident, even the tallest athletes can take off and land on our force plate.

Unilateral and bilateral force measurements can all be done on this single performance force plate (try doing that on a dual force plate system)

This makes it Ideal for comparing any athlete’s preinjury data with their post injury recovery rehab data analyzed on the same software graphing function.

The force plate has 1000Hz data sampling rate used with force sensor models genuinely capable of performing at that sampling speed!

All existing 400S force plates with a 600Hz sampling rate are now capable of being upgraded to the 1000Hz data sampling rate.

View the 400S+ Performance Force Plate Manual/Specifications here.